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The LLL Permanent Funds are special capital (endowment) funds that provide an annual grant for ministry purposes.

Your gift to LLL Permanent Funds can generate an income stream that provides financial support for Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) projects long into the future.

There are various Permanent Funds that you can choose to contribute towards. Each one supports a specific area of ministry within the LCA. So you can nominate a particular ministry you want to support through your gift and the grant provided will support that ministry’s objectives.

In addition, the LLL Special Purposes Permanent Fund allows you to nominate any LCA ministry which you wish to support, be it national, district or local.

You can either choose to support a specifically listed fund or give without any conditions and the LLL Board will allocate the funds to support where the need is greatest from time to time.

Why not take a look at our Together in mission publication that outlines the latest news on how the LLL is assisting the LCA, including articles on grants from the LLL Permanent Funds.

The grant is based on the LLL loan rate and is subject to change without notice. Please contact the LLL for the current grant rate.

Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) Support Fund – Aid and development assistance for developing countries.

Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) is how the Lutheran family in Australia and New Zealand reaches out to help people hurt by poverty and injustice in developing countries. Tens of thousands of people in countries like South Sudan, Burundi and Cambodia benefit. ALWS provides clean water, healthy food, schools, village banks and rice banks, and care for people with disabilities. When natural disasters happen, ALWS also channels emergency care to those most in need. A special focus is welcome for refugees fleeing conflict and danger - whether they arrive in UN camps in Kenya, or at Lutheran congregations in Australia. Through ALWS you can help love come to life for some of the most disadvantaged - yet bravest - people in the world. Find out more at

Lutheran Media Support Fund – Communicating Christ's message of hope through media.

Thanks to your support, Lutheran Media reaches out and connects to people through media with the good news of Jesus Christ. More than 1,000,000 radio listeners around Australia, New Zealand, and the world hear Message of hope every week. People in desperate need receive a Message of hope over the internet, including through social media like facebook. Contemporary outreach resources are produced, offered and shared, and make a real difference in the lives of many people. More details are available on their website.

Ministry Support Fund – Supporting priority projects and ministry-related activities.

The grants from these funds are used at the discretion of the LCA to support current priority projects, ministry support activities and mission-related programs.

Church Worker Support Fund – Supporting the work of lay people.

There are many gifted lay workers and volunteers serving within the LCA who are called to ministries of spreading the Word of God to all people. Lay workers serve in areas including cultural specific ministry, mission and outreach, chaplaincy, school ministry, camping, ministry support, pastoral care, child & family, youth & young adult, community care, parish nursing, and worship & music. They are truly God’s hands and feet bringing love to life in our communities. The LCA’s Church Worker Support Department supports the development of lay ministry in the LCA by assisting congregations in the employment, development and training of lay workers and volunteers. Visit their website for more details.

Local Mission Support Fund – Going and growing as God’s people.

This fund (which is an amalgamation of the Home Mission Fund and the Mission Personnel Fund) supports the work of the New and Renewing Churches and Cross-Cultural Ministry departments, as they support local mission activities undertaken by congregations, parishes and LCA communities. It assists in developing a missional culture where individuals, families and communities are inspired, passionate and active in sharing the gospel in word and action. The fund also supports new mission initiatives (e.g. new church plants) in the initial stages of their development.

International Mission Support Fund – Answering the Great Commission, partnering in mission and ministry overseas.

LCA International Mission exists to equip, encourage and engage people in gospel partnerships in God’s mission in the world – as individuals, congregations and schools, nationally, regionally and together with our overseas partner churches. LCA International Mission, under the Office of the Bishop, works in partnership with overseas Lutheran churches so that through the work of the Holy Spirit we can bring the life-changing news of the gospel to people overseas and cross-culturally in Australia and New Zealand. 

Your partnership in the gospel has eternal consequences. 

To read the stories of God at work in and through these gospel partnerships and to learn about how you can become involved in God’s mission through LCA International Mission check out the website

Training and Development Support Fund – Enabling church workers and lay people to build their capacity to serve in the church.

The LCA provides scholarships to church workers and lay people in order to assist them to pursue training and development opportunities so that they are better equipped for service within the Church.

Scholarships are not restricted to any particular area of training or study (e.g. theology). However, scholarship applicants must demonstrate that the chosen study program will support them in their current area of ministry service, or equip them for service in the future.

Your donation or legacy can help to make these scholarships possible.

Special Purposes Fund – Helping you nominate the ministries you wish to support.

The Special Purposes Fund provides a facility through which donors are able to nominate ministries of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) that they wish to support. These ministries may be at LCA national level, LCA district level or LCA local level (local congregation, school, care facility). Annual benefits will be paid direct to the nominated ministries.

Child, Youth & Family Support Fund – Helping to grow leaders in child, youth and family ministry.

The LCA Committee for Child, Youth and Family Ministry (Grow Ministries) provides encouragement to children, young people and their families to remain faithful to God and to reach out to others with the good news of Jesus.

A strong child, youth and family ministry is essential for mission and the future growth of our Church. Strong leadership is needed to ensure that programs are put in place to train more people for ministry in congregations, districts and the LCA. Through this fund, resources can be provided to coordinate and provide child, youth and family ministry activities to facilitate this training. For more information visit the Grow Ministries website