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From congregations across Australia and New Zealand, so many requests were coming in for the NEW Evangelism workshops that it was not possible to present them all in person.

An innovative project has now made this training available to everyone. 

Since early 2015, the LCA Board for Local Mission have been facilitating their NEW Evangelism workshops in Lutheran congregations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

By the end of 2015, over 700 people had commenced this training in 18 locations. By early 2016, over 1,200 people had begun the NEW Evangelism workshops. 

Because not everyone who wanted to participate in a workshop could, the Board decided to provide an alternative small-group multi-media version accessible to all - for free. 

At the same time, the live workshops would continue.

A unique resource in the Body of Christ, the NEW Evangelism materials are called SENT seeking the orphans of God.

‘Practitioners working in church planting and evangelism were interviewed. We provide a whole suite of multi-media resources curated by our research team,’ said Tessa Contellis, gospel singer and radio personality, who anchors the interviews.

Students from Concordia College in Adelaide produced the video segments in their TV studio as part of their media studies. 

The 10 small-group studies feature a 10-minute video segment each week, daily reflections and a monthly podcast.  Participants can also join a community of practice in an online webinar and chat room.  Together, the community can chat and learn relational evangelism. 

The resource puts together the most up-to-date research with wisdom from practitioners working in the field.  Learners can navigate into continuous immersion in the Word and discerning Spirit-led opportunities. 

Thanks to the ongoing funding received by the Board for Local Mission from the LLL, this resource is now available as a free download from the LCA Board for Local Mission web page


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