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Posted by Marie Pawsey

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Jesus is renowned for telling parables.  Many of them are written down in the Bible in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 

Here are two parables Jesus told. They are very short, but can you see the orientation, complication, solution, resolution and coda?  By the way, did you notice where the coda was?  (Hint: it’s not at the end of these parables.)


Jesus asked the people, how can we explain what the Kingdom of God is like?

It is like this.

A man takes a tiny little mustard seed.  It is so small that it looks like it must be the smallest seed in the whole world!

He plants that tiny mustard seed in his field.

That mustard seed grows and grows.  Up and up it grows, as big as a tree.  When you think how tiny the seed was, the mustard plant looks amazingly big!

The mustard plant is so very large that birds can build their nests in the shade on its branches.


Jesus told them another parable.  

The Kingdom of God is like this.

A woman takes some yeast.  Not all that much.

She mixes and mixes it with a whole lot of flour - 40 kilograms of flour!

And then the whole big batch of dough rises!  Just because of the bit of yeast mixed into it, all those kilograms of flour rise.

Both of these parables are found in Matthew (13:31-33) and Luke (13:18-21).  The first parable is also in Mark (4:30-32).

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