UPDATE! LLL has introduced a new security requirement for all LLL Internet Banking users. All users are now required to update their login password to a password with increased complexity.

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One of the first things you’re asked to do when you sign up to anything on the internet (email, social media, internet banking etc) is to come up with a password.

The Australian Government recommends protecting yourself online by using these password tips:

  • Using different passwords for different activities (i.e. don’t use the same password for all of your online accounts)
  • Don’t store your passwords on your computer – if anyone gets into your computer they could easily access all your accounts
  • Do not automatically save your passwords – this makes it easy for scammers to find these in your computer

A strong password should consist of:

  • A minimum of eight characters
  • A mix of upper and lower case letters
  • At least one number, and
  • At least one symbol

The problem is, how do you remember passwords if they have to have a mix of so many different keyboard elements? We have a great tip for you:

Password phrases

Password phrases are unique, and very easy to remember. Basically, you take a phrase that you can easily remember, or that you’re very familiar with, and change some of the characters to turn it into a strong password:


Be still and know that I am God



John 3:16



My son’s name is James Schmidt



Then you can record the phrase, and because you’ve chosen a unique combination of characters to make up that phrase, no one will be able to guess your password. 

Also - subscribe to LLL's 'One Time Passwords' within LLL@Home on your desktop; they provide a more secure internet banking service.

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