UPDATE! LLL has introduced a new security requirement for all LLL Internet Banking users. All users are now required to update their login password to a password with increased complexity.

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In May and June 2017, the LLL conducted our first ever customer survey. While we regularly speak with our depositors in churches and schools, we have never formally sought your feedback. We had a fantastic response - thank you to all that completed the survey.

Overall, the results were pleasing, with most of you highly satisfied with our service, facilities and products.

Here is some snippets of the report that was prepared for the LLL board:


Apostrophe   Demographics 

62% of respondents reside in South Australia, followed by 15% in Queensland. The rest of the Australian states had small representation.

The majority of respondents (67%) have a connection with a Lutheran congregation, with 35% connected to a Lutheran School.


The LLL’s depositor satisfaction levels are high, with the Top 2 Boxes (T2B) “somewhat satisfied” and “very satisfied” achieving scores of over 80% for each question. Respondents are particularly satisfied with their deposit accounts, the reliability of the LLL, staff friendliness and staff knowledge.

LLL Facilities

Daily use of the LLL’s banking facilities is minimal (only 6% of respondents use the facility daily). This supports the premise that an LLL account is generally not a daily transactional account.

Use of LLL@Home is higher when excluding daily banking:

  • 51% of depositors are using LLL@Home on PC at least once a month, or at least once a week.
  • 33% are using LLL@Home on a mobile or tablet at least once a month, or at least once a week.

Use of mobile / tablet increases slightly in the under 45 demographic – with 49% of depositors indicating they use this facility at least once a month, or at least once a week.

Free Comments

When asked what they liked about the LLL@Home internet access facility, most comments related to the ease of use, and convenience. Many were thankful that such a facility existed, and some specifically highlighted the security features as a positive function.

When asked what they disliked about the LLL@Home access facility, many answered “nothing” or “N/A”. Common relevant comments related to the following:

  • Not having an app (complaints about the format on mobile phones)
  • Having to call the LLL for approval to transfer larger sums of money
  • 2 step authentication
  • Calendar dates tricky/faulty when trying to produce a statement

Comparing LLL@Home on a mobile, to mobile functionality with other institutions:

40% of respondents indicated they do not use LLL@Home. Of the 60% that do use it, 22% said it is not as good as other institutions’ facilities. 60% agreed it is about the same, and 18% believed LLL@Home to be better than other facilities.

When looking at respondents aged 45 and under, the number that don’t use LLL@Home dropped to 23%, and 25% of this age cohort believed that LLL@Home is not as good as other facilities

New Products

Notice of Withdrawal Account

81% of respondents would be interested in a 31 day notice of withdrawal account. This is reflected across all ages:


Community Project Account

When asked if they would be interested in an account that helps the LLL to provide grants to nominated Lutheran community projects, 72.5% agreed they would be interested.



Many valuable insights were gained from this exercise. LLL Management are currently working through the recommendations that came as a result of the survey, and will develop enhancements and products to assist our accounts holders into the future.

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