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When I was a kid, Christmas was the most exciting time. Now, watching my kids anticipate Christmas and participate in the build up to the 25th of December is one of my favourite things to do. I cherish their excitement which literally pours out of them.

However, Christmas is also quite stressful. We have so many people to buy Christmas presents for, and the cost pressure at this time of year can often become overwhelming, dampening my Christmas spirit.

This year, I have decided that the kids and I will make as many Christmas presents for our adult friends and family members as possible. I will deposit the money we've saved into a high interest account for next year - and use this opportunity to teach the kids about how interest works.

Here are my top 5 ideas that the kids and I will attempt...


1: Custom Photo ArtCustom photo art to the moon and back

Get some favourite photos of your children printed (instagram photos are the best, as they’re square) and arrange them on card in the shape of a moon. Add some text, frame it, and voila! The perfect Grandparent gift.


2: Homemade bath bombsHomemade bath bombs

Easy to make (apparently – haven’t tried it yet!!) and so much fun to use! 


3: DIY personalised plateDIY personalised plate

Pick the lyrics of a favourite song, book, or poem and write them on a plate with permanent texta. A bit of time in the oven, and it’s set! What a perfect, (and cheap!) personalised gift for a special person in your life.


4: Icecream Sundae in a box Icecream sundae in a box

My mouth is watering just looking at this one ...!! This would work great if you bought the ingredients in bulk and split them out for a few different packages. The perfect Christmas gift for the hot Australian summer!


5: Wine and Chocolate PineappleWine and chocolate pineapple teacher gift

This could be a great one for your kid’s teacher this year! What teacher doesn’t love (need!) a bit of wine and chocolate at the end of the year. Go on – they deserve it!


This is a great time to teach kids a lesson about saving money and budgeting at Christmas. And the fun of making presents for family and friends could also help them experience the joy of giving, rather than receiving.

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