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Posted by Marie Pawsey

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Our LLL calendar is crucial to the retirement plans of one of my friends.

He always says that all he will need for retirement will be - an LLL calendar! 

He will put it somewhere prominent, and any plans for any days will have to be written on it.  Any plans from birthdays to appointments.  Any plans at all. 

However, if the box for that date on the calendar is already full, then no more activities can be added for that day.  None at all. 

Nice simple idea.  No arguing when a little box is full!

What a great retirement plan that limits the number of engagements in a day! 

(I am thinking of adopting it one day :) how about you?)

Whether you are retired or not, crucially the LLL calendars for 2018 are available from your Lutheran congregation now – you may have already picked yours up.

(If your congregation has run out (OH NO) your LLL Congregation Contact can let us know and we will do our best to rustle up some more :) )

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