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Posted by Marie Pawsey

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The next car

I was astonished when a friend mentioned that as soon as she bought a new car that she started saving for the next one.

No car loan needed.

It had never occurred to me.  But what a good idea!

I made my plans.  I opened another LLL account (actually a passbook account to make it just a little more effort to access J ).  I work out what I needed to save (or how much I could afford to save each week), and arranged for the money to come straight out of my pay.  What you don’t see …

I had to post the passbook down to Adelaide to be updated.  Quietly the balance went up.  Interest was added – more interest each year!  I reached the amount I thought I would need.

Time to go car shopping!!!

(Or maybe a car could wait a little longer and I could go on an interesting trip?)

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