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Today I sat in my car, in Adelaide’s 42 degree heat, waiting for the rush of speeding bikes to make their way through McLaren Vale on stage 4 of the Tour Down Under.

It was HOT! 

As the riders drew closer, my daughter, her friend and I set up a picnic rug on the side of the road. The girls were fighting with each other over who gets to play with the mermaid barbie. The wind was blowing dust into our eyes. We were hot and grumpy.

HURRY UP CYCLISTS! We want to get back home to the blow up pool.

I wondered – is this worth it? I should have just taken them to an air-conditioned play café instead.

Then I had a thought – "this is a once in a lifetime free experience. Yes it's hot and uncomfortable, but in a few minutes the girls will see hundreds of elite athletes zoom past, as they take part in a world class bike race".

Its experiences like this that break the mould and make us appreciate moments in life.

Money wise – Compared with the ‘easy’, air-conditioned, dust-free option of a play café, I saved approximately $50 on entrance and lunch for the 3 of us.

Instead we enjoyed the country scenery of McLaren Vale, laughed and waved at all the police motorbikes and the helicopter, ate a hot mushy picnic, and watched a world class sporting event.

We saved a little money and created long-lasting memories. I think it’s a no-brainer.

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