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Posted by Marie Pawsey

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How does the LLL facilitate financial giving free of charge to the church?

As the financial institution for the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), LLL has been offering one particular service – REG – free of charge for twenty years.  

Since 1998, the LLL has been offering REG – Regular Electronic Giving – so congregation members can give their offering with the unique combination of confidentiality and a direct debit.  So, even when it is electronic, an offering can still be confidential.  

Currently, 2400 individuals and families use REG to make regular offerings to over 300 congregations, with giving totalling $533,500 each month.  

In some congregations, REG provides the majority of their budget.  Congregation members have found REG to be convenient, safe and flexible.  

A congregation needs to have an LLL REG account for the direct debits to be confidential. 

However, someone wanting to use REG need only have an account (with the LLL or any other financial institution) that allows a direct debit to be taken from it, and to use the LLL Direct Debit Request form to set it up.

If your REG is deducted from your LLL Savings Account with internet access, you can manage your REG through the LLL@Home facility. 


For more information: https://www.lll.org.au/REG


We have assisted the LCA in the preparation of the new REG brochure.  Look for it coming to your congregation soon!


REG gives you peace of mind knowing your offering is always there for your congregation.



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