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Posted by Marie Pawsey

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Have you ever been doing the tourist thing in a strange place, when a local improves your experience?

On my first trip to Vienna, backpacking with friends, we were on a tram on the Ring Road around the inner city.  A local chap spoke with us and found out it was our first visit.  He stayed on the tram well past his stop to point out ‘over there in the blackout is the Opera House’ and much more.  Just to welcome us to his city.

In the historic inner city of an Australian capital, two of us were standing Old housereading the walking tour brochure and discussing the house which was right there next to the footpath.  Unexpectedly the owner opened the front door to see what we were doing.  We explained.  He invited us into his home, and showed us the original rooms and how the successive additions were upgrades on the first rooms.  Finally he showed us a lovely view out to the back garden - fascinating, and a total surprise and privilege to see the inside of a private historic old home! 

You don’t have to be away from home (or in the inner city!) to find generosity of spirit. 

I can’t repay those people, but I can look to be generous with others.  There are opportunities everywhere!  Maybe it’s as simple as taking an opportunity to chat with a neighbour rather than doing something for yourself. 

Being generous is freeing.  Generosity doesn’t (necessarily) mean giving away heaps of money. 

But if you put aside money to share, there will often be an opportunity to use it :-)

The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. Proverbs 22:9 NIV


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