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Posted by Rhianan Strangways

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Do you have a savings goal? We all know we should save, but this is very difficult when we don’t have a specific goal, and things keep coming up. You know, the car breaks down, the kids need new school uniforms, there’s a great sale on wine...

The important thing when saving is to visualise your goal. Make an inspiration board or write it on sticky notes and stick them in the bathroom mirror or on the fridge. Make the feeling of achieving that goal real.

 Some of our customers have shared their savings goals:

“I am saving for a family holiday overseas. We are looking forward to flying to a warm location, where the locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming. We will spend the week in a beautiful resort, with a spacious hotel room overlooking the ocean. The kids are excited to play in the kids club, while my husband and I will be able to finally relax for a few hours a day by the pool, with cocktails in hand. In the evenings we will all eat dinner together in a hotel restaurant and participate in the cultural activities with the kids. It will be a week of relaxation and fun for the whole family. We cannot wait”.

“We are saving to send my children to a great school. Our parents sacrificed so much for us to attend private schools, and we want the same for our children. We are excited to see our kids in their smart uniforms, participating in the college-organised extra-curricular activities. We know that whatever our children enjoy and do well in, they will be nurtured in this environment. We also have the confidence that they will be supported in whatever areas of learning they struggle with. We feel a sense of peace and excitement in knowing our children will be able to attend the best school we can afford, and get the best foundation for the rest of their lives”.

“I have decided to help my kids save for either their first car, or their overseas gap year. So, whatever money they put aside, I will match dollar for dollar. This means I have to be on the ball, as my children are already quite the dedicated savers! I enjoy encouraging healthy financial habits for them, and am excited that I will be helping them achieve a dream”. 

The LLL offers Personal Savings Accounts with good interest rates, no LLL fees or charges, and no bonus hurdles to jump over. Our accounts do not have ATM access or cards attached, meaning your money cannot be easily spent on a whim. 

If you are interested in opening an account, please visit www.lll.org.au or call 1800 556 457.

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