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Living on a budget can sometimes mean looking for alternative ways of enjoying the things you love that would normally eat into your funds. A library for instance, can help you stay on budget with their no-cost resources and activities. It’s a great place to pick up interesting and creative ideas and my local library even offers free classes on growing veggies.

Libraries are rich with informational and self-help books and with books on finance in abundance. You can borrow a variety and work out which ideas you like, without the initial financial outlay of purchasing the publications. 

If you find a book you like, you also can rehire it as many times as you like or even buy it in hard copy, soft copy or even an audiobook if you’d like to own it.

Is there a Street Library in your local area?

Speaking about libraries, have you seen a little weatherproof cupboard beside a footpath operating as a Street Library? 

I’ve read about lots, seen an item about one in an old refrigerator, and have just seen my first actual one (pictured) on someone’s front fence across the street from a playground.

You can borrow, swap and donate books which are displayed and stored in some kind of weather-proof receptacle accessible to any passerby in a public area. Brilliant and convenient! Check out the Street Library website to find libraries in your local area, you could even start and register a Street Library of your very own!

If you can’t get to a library, there is lots of information available on the internet, including the federal government’s ASIC MoneySmart website that you could use as a resource.

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