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LCA adopts REG.


The Regular Electronic Giving program is known affectionately as REG has been officially adopted by the LCA, with the blessing of its ‘birth parent’, the LLL.

New REG CoverIn the last article regarding REG (Together in mission 2017) it was reported the LLL would be engaging with the LCA to revitalise REG promotional materials for congregations.

Throughout 2018, LLL Promotions and LCA Communications developed a number of new resources for the promotion of REG. These new resources included a revitalised REG brochure, REG giving card and a variety of adverts to use in pew bulletins or to use as PowerPoint slides.

In early 2019, new REG promotional packs and re-launch campaign notes were sent to congregations. All congregations are encouraged to regularly promote REG.

In some congregations, REG provides a majority of their budget. In June 2019, REG was providing more than 270 congregations with $555,000 per month, which equates to more than $6.6million annually.

The costs associated with developing these new resources for the REG re-launch were met by the LLL. LLL Australia continues to administer REG free of charge as a service to the LCA.

Electronic resources are available on the LCA website or via the link from
the LLL website. Stocks of brochures and cards can be obtained from LCA District offices or the LLL.

Visit:   REG


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