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The LLL launched a brand new feature in February 2020 – the LLL app. The LLL recognised that consumers have become more accustomed to using an app for their day-to-day lives in recent years. Shopping, transport and banking have become some of the most commonly used apps.

With this in mind, the LLL explored its own customers’ needs. Through surveys and reviewing its own customer behaviour data, the LLL noted an increase in mobile phone access to its online banking portal building over several years.

Responding to customer needs, the LLL developed an app that is simple to operate, secure and convenient while providing banking functions such as account balance, transfers, bill payments and more. It allows customers to easily access and transact on their accounts when they’re away from home or on the move.

The LLL maintains a high level of cybersecurity available to ensure customer banking remains secure and offers customers the option of adding One Time Password protection to their online banking login for additional peace of mind.

In the four months following its February launch, the LLL app was downloaded more than 4,900 times, with an average daily rate of 470 users accessing their accounts through the app.
Close to 61 per cent of users accessed the app on an iPhone compared to 39 per cent on Android.

For more information and to download visit LLL app

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