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Local Mission Support 

by Tania Nelson

How can I give you an adequate glimpse of the breadth of the work of Local Mission and the abundance of blessings given and received as a result of the LLL’s support? Here are a few examples of how God is at work in our midst.

  • A Cross-Cultural Ministry grant enables the Chinese Lutheran Church (CLC) of Victoria to employ Natalia Herrera as Youth Leader. “It is a great blessing that CLC has a youth leader like Natalia who is so devoted to the youth ministry and is well received by the youth,” said Dr Benjamin Chan, CLC Chair. “I would like to commend her for the passion and wisdom in sowing the seeds of God’s word to our next generation.” Visit Cross-Cultural Ministry


  • “Lutheran Media are playing your Messages of Hope on more radio stations, including SEN in Melbourne and Adelaide, Light FM in Melbourne, RPH in Sydney and Newcastle and Rhema in New Zealand,” writes Pastor Richard Fox, Director, Lutheran Media. Visit Lutheran Media


  • Grow Ministries uses part of its LLL annual funding to develop young leaders. The Grow Leadership Cultivate program is a part-time experience that includes two face-to-face learning intensives, an overseas Stretch and Grow opportunity, local mentoring and a congregational leadership placement. Renee (Cultivate participant) felt the program delivered much more than expected. “I learnt that anyone can be a leader. This gave me so much more confidence.
    I had the opportunity to be involved in many more ministry leadership positions throughout the year and I definitely learned a lot through the overseas experience,” she said. Visit Grow Ministries


  • New and Renewing Churches grants assist in establishing new churches in the LCA. “The final night that we were able to have in-person gatherings [before the COVID-19 restrictions] we had the privilege of baptising a young 18-year-old lady who has come to faith within the last year,” Chris Podlich, church planter at Beyond Church (Griffin QLD), recalled. “This was a huge moment for her as she wanted to go ahead with the baptism even when her parents refused to come and be involved in the night.” Visit New & Renewing Churches


  • Ministry with the Ageing provides scholarships for professional development and resource development. “Pastor Ian Lutze (Tanunda Lutheran Homes Chaplain) and I are grateful to the excellent organisation which went into the conference by Spiritual Care Australia,” Helen McNicol (Assistant Chaplain) reported. “It is a terrific privilege to be able to attend these conferences, and Ian and I are sincerely grateful to the Committee for Ministry with the Ageing for making it possible for us to attend.” Visit Ministry with Ageing

Dr Tania Nelson is the LCA Executive Officer – Local Mission, which comprises five departments – Cross-Cultural Ministry, Grow Ministries, Lutheran Media, Ministry with the Ageing, and New and Renewing Churches. In the financial year 2019/2020 the Local Mission departments received $1,298,725 from LLL Permanent Fund grants, Directors allocations and through the provision of services.

The LLL prides itself on providing savings accounts that are simple to operate, with a variable interest rate and no fees or charges. The LLL has a variety of savings accounts: personal and joint accounts; guardian accounts for children; and business accounts, including for self-managed super funds and not-for-profit organisations.

As an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI), the LLL is regulated under the Banking Act and by APRA.

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