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Key features

  • No fees or charges – at all

  • Variable interest rate

    Calculated daily and added annually.

  • Secure

    Your money is secure and can be accessed online through Internet Banking and the LLL app anytime.

  • Making money meaningful

    Make your money work in support of the Lutheran Church of Australia and its mission.

Saving is easier when you have an account that pays you, rather than charges you.

LLL Savings Accounts are simple. They allow you to earn interest while enabling you to support the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), with an account that allows you to access your funds anytime.

LLL Savings Accounts have an attractive interest rate and are free of any fees or charges. The easiest way to operate your account is through Internet Banking or the mobile LLL app.

Collectively, LLL Savings Accounts create a pool of funds that are lent to approved LCA projects. Projects can include building fit-outs of Lutheran churches, schools and care facilities. No loans are made outside of the Lutheran Church, and individual districts of the LCA guarantee the repayment of all loans.

The LLL has a variety of accounts: personal or joint accounts, guardian accounts for children and grandchildren, accounts for business and organisations and self-managed super fund cash accounts.

As an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI), the LLL is regulated under the Banking Act and by APRA.


*Interest rate is subject to change.