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Login ID and Access Code security.

One of your most important responsibilities is to keep your Login ID and Access Code (password) secure. These details are not to be shared. They have as much value as your signature.

When you receive the initial Access Code from us, you should immediately login to Internet Banking and change it to one of your choice. Try to memorise this Access Code and do not record it. Changing your Access Code regularly is encouraged.

Elements of a good Access Code.

Generally, people choose and use poor Access Codes because they’re easy to remember. A good Access Code should be obscure to all but the owner of the account.

The best Access Code has these characteristics:

  • It can be remembered by the authorised user.
  • It can be typed easily and quickly.
  • It won’t easily be spotted by a ‘shoulder surfer’.
  • It is complex enough to withstand multiple guessing attempts.  
  • It has upper and lowercase letters.
  • It has numerals and/or other non-letter characters.

Access Code pitfalls.

Choosing a bad Access Code can be easily done, and can, therefore, make the hacker’s job easy. Here are some methods to avoid, as these are NOT a reasonable attempt to disguise an Access Code:

  • Using the initial Access Code in reverse order.
  • Using the same Access Code for access to other secure sites.
  • Writing your Access Code down.
  • Saving your Access Code on your computer or allowing your computer to remember your Access Codes/passwords.
  • Choosing an Access Code that has an obvious reference to you like your date of birth, or a recognisable part of your name, address or phone number. Even using a family member’s details as the Access Code can be an obvious guess for a hacker.

If you suspect that someone may have become aware of your Login ID and/or Access Code, you should change it immediately. If you are constantly being blocked out of Internet Banking, it may be that a hacker is attempting to gain access. Contact us if you require assistance in changing your details, if you are being blocked out, or if you have forgotten your details.