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You can be generous without giving anything away.

The concept of Matching Deposits is a unique facility offered by the LLL and provides an ingenious way to support a particular project within the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), such as a Lutheran school, congregation or care facility.

Any LLL Savings Account can be a Matching Deposit to support an LCA project loan and it does not change the status of your account. You can make deposits and withdrawals as usual and the account still earns interest. An LLL Matching Deposit does not act like an offset account.

Approved LCA projects are able to borrow funds from the LLL to the total amount of Matching Deposits. Lutheran schools, congregations and care facilities are encouraged to promote Matching Deposits, and a number of resources are available to assist.

When compared to commercial lending rates and the fees imposed by financial institutions, LCA projects typically can enjoy lower loan repayments over the life of their loans. This enhances capital development and can facilitate more rapid repayment of the loan.

Key features of an LLL Savings Account nominated as a Matching Deposit:

  • Does not affect the status of your account.
  • You can make deposits and withdrawals as usual.
  • The account still earns the same rate of interest.
  • Your Matching Deposit instructions can be changed at any time.

How Matching Deposits work.

  1. Open an LLL Savings Account.
  2. Nominate your LLL Savings Account to be a Matching Deposit to any LCA project by completing the Matching Deposit instructions on the account application form to advise us which LCA project you wish to support, i.e. school or congregation name.

To make an existing LLL Savings Account a Matching Deposit, simply call our office to update your account preferences.

  1. LCA project borrows funds.

When approved, your nominated project is able to borrow funds from the LLL at a competitive interest rate and will be charged no fees or charges – at all.

Changing your Matching Deposit instructions.

Matching Deposit instructions can be changed at any time to support another project and/or multiple projects, simply by calling the LLL.

Of course, you do not have to nominate your account as a Matching Deposit account, but please consider how you can provide further assistance to particular church projects.

It's your choice to support an LCA project at no cost to you.

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