UPDATE! LLL has introduced a new security requirement for all LLL Internet Banking users. All users are now required to update their login password to a password with increased complexity.

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Want to be generous with your account?

LLL account holders can provide additional support to a particular project or department of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) by nominating their account to be non-interest-bearing. Therefore, the account will not receive any interest. As a result, the LLL is able to provide an additional benefit to LCA projects based on 4.10% of total non-interest-bearing deposits held for each project as nominated by the account holder.

An LLL Non-interest-bearing Account has the other usual features and access of an LLL account. 

If you have an existing LLL account and wish to open a new LLL Non-interest-bearing Account, complete the Account Application form including the ‘non-interest-bearing’ instructions. Then transfer the desired amount of money from your existing LLL account into the new LLL Non-interest-bearing Account.

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