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The LLL provided a Mission Resource Grant of $5000 (through the South Australia - Northern Territory District) to Bethlehem congregation in Pinnaroo. Read on to see what they did with it….


by Pastor Dan Rooney

“It’s been a little over 12 months since Bethlehem congregation, Pinnaroo, purchased the disused Oasis Nursery to transform it into the Oasis Community Centre and Studios.

Embracing our district’s mission ‘to grow and go’ we have been richly blessed with many visitors, many of whom love the scripture floor (and the English lollies!).

As of July 2017, we have hosted several of our community groups, including the CWA, Red Cross, Lions and local Shed Men, and have held mosaic workshops in partnership with Mallee Arts.

The greatest and most unexpected blessing has been the hard work of a number of non-church volunteers, and the relationships we have been able to form with them.

The Centre is finished and ready for use with the mission resource grant being used to set up our hospitality with a fridge, coffee machine and kitchenette. We have used funds to buy play mats, toys and a video library for the young, and a book nook for readers of every age.

Still to come is a plan to provide free internet access, which we hope will open more doors to relationships with a younger generation.

 The garden areas are a little further from completion. The back of the property was gravelled, which eliminated wheelchair or walker access. 

The last month has seen us busy removing all the gravel and we are slowly replacing it with paths, gardens and artificial turf, with the end in sight soon!

We pray that this truly will be a place to show God’s love and peace for all.”


Pastor Dan Rooney is the parish pastor at Bethlehem, Pinnaroo, South Australia. 


For more stories on how the LLL has supported the LCA throughout the year, read Together In Mission 2017.

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