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Visiting Luther

Posted by Marie Pawsey

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What do you do on a Luther tour in Germany in 2017? Look for Luther, of course! Spotted Luther at the back of the Church of the Holy Spirit (Heiliggeistkirche) in Heidelberg … Zoomed in to see him in a window in St James’s Church (St Jakob) in Rothenburg ob...

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It’s not a car loan! It’s a car! Without the loan!

Posted by LLL

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You may have heard the radio ad where the father presents his young adult daughter with keys on her birthday, and she assumes he’s bought her a car. As she gushes with excitement about her “new car”, her dad is in the background exclaiming “It’s not a car! It’s a...

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Life-changing shoes

Posted by Glenice Hartwich

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The LLL International Mission Support Fund provides an annual ongoing gift to be used by LCA International Mission ‘in spreading the good news of the gospel’, now including capacity building in education. The fund generated $284,859 during the 2016/2017 financial year. Living on the streets of Pematangsiantar in North Sumatra,...

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