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Posted by Marie Pawsey

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When a parishioner is unable to attend worship, and also Holy Communion, their Pastor brings communion to them.  But the Pastor does not use the same cup and plate that are used at Church for the whole congregation.  What’s used is a smaller communion set that is just the right size for one or two people.

Since 1979 the LLL has been giving home communion sets to pastors as they graduate from Australian Lutheran College (or a predecessor institution) and are ordained as Pastors in the Lutheran Church of Australia.

The LLL hosts a celebratory dinner for the pastor graduands and their wives, where they also meet some of the LLL staff.

At the dinner the LLL is honoured to present the home communion sets that the soon-to-be-pastors will use throughout their ministry to bring the sacrament of Holy Communion to people in constrained circumstances.

Six Pastors, who graduated and were ordained last year, received their home communion sets at the 2017 LLL dinner.

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