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In recent times, interest in miniature supermarket figurines has surged. Before your child loses interest in their novelty, how about turning the collectible craze into an educational game?

Such as: grab a supermarket catalogue and let your child find the equivalent to the miniature product in the pages, and write down the dollar value so that all items have a figure. With pretend, or even better real money, see how many items your child can ‘buy’ within a budget… say $25.

Increase the challenge by adding additional prompts like 'choose two healthy foods and no more than one bathroom item'! Your child can learn the value of food and money in a creative way whilst learning about necessities versus wants. 

You can continue your child’s financial education into the future by opening an LLL Children’s Savings Account. LLL Children’s Savings Accounts are beneficial for children to understand the importance of earning, saving and growing their finances.

According to a recent study, youth with the highest levels of financial understanding had a savings account as a child.

LLL Children’s Savings Accounts have a good interest rate with no bonus hurdles to jump over AND we also pay a $5 gift for the first savings account opened for the child. 

Talk to the school office about opening an LLL Children’s Savings Account, or visit www.lll.org.au/child for more information. And while you’re online, follow us on Facebook @LLLAust


This advice is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation, needs or objectives. Please refer to the Disclosure Documents on the LLL website or contacting us on 1800 556 457 before making a decision to deposit funds with the LLL.

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