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By Pastor Wayne George

It’s not a secret that, generally speaking, men are not always known to wear their hearts on their sleeves or talk openly about what’s going on inside.
As a result, when going through valley experiences, many men don’t realise that they actually do not have to fight Goliath alone.
They do not have to face the tough stuff of life by themselves; other blokes are willing and able to walk the road with them.
These thoughts prompted us to run a conference at St John’s Lutheran Church, Bundaberg, Queensland, for Christian blokes (and any others who wanted to come).
Men from different denominations and experiences converged on St John’s on Saturday 23 September 2017, as we hosted our inaugural annual men’s conference under the banner of Rough Cut Men, an international men’s ministry based in the United States and directed by its founder David Dusek.
I had been following David’s ministry for a number of years via social media. So when the opportunity arose to have him come and present at St John’s, I knew that the men of our Bundaberg region (and
beyond) needed what he had to give – encouragement and motivation.
Drawing principles from various movies like Saving Private Ryan, David applied these to everyday life and encouraged the men in their Christian walk.
Of course finance was a challenge – getting an international speaker to Bundaberg would not be cheap. However, through the provision of our Lord and the generosity of the LLL, we were able to successfully
apply for an LCA Special Ministry Fund grant.
This investment by the LLL into this event will render fruit, I believe, for many years to come; some of which will only be known in eternity. 

Pastor Wayne George is the lead pastor in the Bundaberg parish, Queensland.
The LCA Special Ministry Fund grant for $9,900 was allocated by the Lutheran Church of Australia in 2017. The grant came from the LLL Special Purposes Fund.

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