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Together in mission is designed to inform our supporters about how LLL Australia is assisting the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) in its mission and ministry, across Australia and overseas. The mission of the LLL is to support the LCA in its mission.

In this 2019 edition, you will see our support summarised financially below. But more importantly, you will be able to read a number of stories about LLL funded projects and reports from funding recipients regarding how their missional project is making a difference in their communities
and districts.

The LLL has only been able to provide this support because we are so well supported. None of
this could happen without our account holders or donors and we thank and praise God for each and every one of you.

Yours in Christ

Allen Kupke
CEO, LLL Australia


Permanent Fund grants

Directors’ allocations



African Ministry Fund 20,015     20,015
Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) Support 136,074     136,074
ALWS - Community education in Lutheran schools   116,000   116,000
Grow Ministries 55,408 325,000   380,408
Interest saved on loans       3,395,606
LCA & Districts (inc LCA Ministry Support Fund) 816,661 870,871 29,610 1,717,142
LCA Accounting Services   95,000   95,000
LCA Administration Support     39,500 39,500
LCA Aged Care Governance Review Implementation    160,000   160,000
LCA Child Protection Project   70,000   70,000
LCA Church Worker Support 81,002 290,000   371,002
LCA Cross Cultural Ministry   136,000   136,000
LCA GCC Special Fund   100,000   100,000
LCA International Mission Support 284,932     284,932
LCA Local Mission Support 586,029 60,000   646,029
LCA Special Ministry Fund 100,000     100,000
LCA Training & Development Support 75,471     75,471
Lutheran Bible Translators Australia/Wycliffe   20,000   20,000
Lutheran Media Support 29,058     29,058
Lutheran Tract Mission 74,705   141,654 216,359
Mission Stimulus Grants 125,000     125,000
Various LCA Projects (non-interest-bearing accounts)   1,271,145   1,271,145
Various aged care organisations 41,872     41,872
Various community care projects 6,298     6,298
Various conditional donation/legacy recipients 139,107     139,107
TOTAL 2,571,632 3,514,016 210,764 9,692,018

 *General Church Council

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