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Together, reaching out with the gift we have received.

by Nevin Nitschke.

Participants and trainer involved in the seminar of Biblical reconciliation in Japan.“Through the seminars in Biblical Reconciliation, we could affirm again the identity of the church... regain the joy of the Gospel…and practice what we have learned,” – Rev Shigeo Sueoka, Kinki Evangelical Lutheran Church, Japan.

Rev Shigeo’s words summarise the enormous blessing his church received through a recent visit by the LCA Assistant to the Bishop – Reconciliation Ministry, Rev Paul Kerber.

Rev Shigeo was a Reconciliation scholarship holder in 2017, and after his return, his church started studying Biblical Reconciliation. The leaders planned so that their whole church could benefit. Three interactive seminars on Biblical Reconciliation for leaders, pastors and believers were prepared.

It was a joy to see God at work through the power of the gospel.

A mother felt God’s guidance and confessed her guilty feeling to her daughter, asking for forgiveness.

They were reconciled, breaking down in tears in the peace of God. Parents received guidance to reach out to family members who have distanced themselves from life with God.

A pastor recognised a need to change to bring the gospel to his wife and children. Relationships between pastors were recovered by Christ in God’s peace.

Rev Shigeo commented: “Many pastors received encouragement in the area of pastoral care. It is now coming from their own hearts because they now see the law like a mirror and Pastor Paul proclaimed forgiveness of sin, failure, guilt and shame,” he said “In Japanese culture, people are bound by shame because of the strong influence of their religions but through the seminars, people were released from the bondage of shame, focusing on Christ on the cross who carried all the sin of the world.”

With your support, LCA International Mission, together with LCA Reconciliation Ministry, will continue to reach out to our mission partner churches so they grow in the mission of the Gospel.

Nevin Nitschke is a Program Officer for LCA International Mission with responsibility for Papua New Guinea and Indonesia and the scholarship program and Volunteers in Mission program.

Last financial year, LCA international received $284,932.24 from the International Mission Support Fund.

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