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Four Mission Stimulus Grants awarded in three Districts.


Earlier in 2019, four fantastic mission projects were awarded LLL Mission Stimulus Grants in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland with a total $75,000 being allocated.


Victoria/Tasmania District

Pakenham Lakeside Church and Lakeside College, Pakenham, was awarded $20,000 for their Lay Chaplain/Church Partnership.

The Victorian Mission Stimulus Grant has helped Lakeside College to employ a part-time Lay Chaplain for 2019. This has enhanced the mission partnership between the College and Pakenham
Lakeside Church. It has helped church and school move forwards strategically in mission and ministry. Lay Chaplain Fiona Scheffer and Pastor Nathan Hedt are working well together and seeing good fruit in ministry and gospel proclamation at the College and in the church.

St John’s Lutheran Church, Geelong, was awarded $5,000 for a Nuer Language School for their South Sudanese families.

The Nuer Language School (NLS) is an initiative run by the South Sudanese (SS) Geelong Leadership team to teach SS children (approximately 5-13 years) their mother tongue. Supporting children’s mother tongue is critical in supporting their identity and belonging and enabling children to continue to be engaged with their culture and community – both in terms of their national heritage and their Christian faith.

South Australia/Northern Territory District

messy-church-signSt Petri Lutheran Church, Nuriootpa, was awarded $25,000 for their project ‘St Petri Messy Church – expanding discipleship’ project.

This project focuses on employing a suitable candidate to join the Messy Church team as the Messy Church Facilitator. So the Messy Church mission outreach can continue to develop and grow, the Messy Church Facilitator focuses on three key areas;

  1. Supporting the smooth operation of St Petri’s rapidly growing Messy Church;
  2. Recruiting, empowering and equipping more volunteers for the successful running of Messy Church; and
  3. Developing and supporting discipleship initiatives with the Messy Church ‘Core Team’ so that newcomers to faith are supported in their journey.

The New and Renewing Churches Department is working alongside St Petri to help it develop its missional community at Messy Church in Nuriootpa.

Queensland District

Living Faith Lutheran Church, Murrumba Downs, and Beyond Church plant were awarded $25,000 for their Community Engagement Project.

Living Faith Lutheran Church and Beyond Church share the same objective: to reach unchurched and de-churched people. Living Faith and Beyond have a demographic that reaches up to 30km with an average age of 25, with both serving within a school context: Living Faith Lutheran
School and the local state school for Beyond.

To connect with this diverse and young community, a two-pronged approach has been taken:

  1. 1. Online via a variety of social media connections; and
  2. Through planned social events and face-to-face connection.

This funding will be able to provide them with the resources to assist them in their inspiring mission.

The LLL is very pleased to support these initiatives via LLL Mission Stimulus Grants and continues to provide feedback to supporters regarding the success of these inspiring projects.


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