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A Tract Mission Challenge.

by Anne Hansen.

A number of years ago, I was given an interesting challenge: a group of school chaplains approached me and asked could I produce tracts for them without including the names Jesus, Holy Spirit or Lord, and without Bible verses?

In state schools, chaplains are unable to preach the gospel, but they can share it in their actions and show it in their lives. I could use the word ‘God’, as God can be anything to anyone.

At first, I thought “My goodness! At Lutheran Tract Mission (LTM) we are a Christian mission, how can we keep our integrity and share God’s love without being obvious?”

But it then became obvious: anything which deals with love, acceptance and the fruits of the Spirit are gifts of God. The text cards that were developed highlighted this acceptance and could be used by the chaplain with children who have come for help and are sent away with a card and a message of encouragement written on the back. A Bible reference is included on most cards, for if the child asks a chaplain what that is, the door can be opened to share what is written in the Bible in that verse. But it has to be initiated by the child.

God is a God of love for all of his children, no matter what their age, whether they grow up knowing God or whether they are introduced to their loving Saviour later in life. The critical thing is that people are given the opportunity to know God and his love for them.

So share God’s good news where possible in the little ways you can. Use a tract or two to help you in your ministry to others.

Pray for our chaplains and the amazing work and challenges they face and the blessings they get to experience.

For more information, visit the LTM website and take time to see what is available – there’s always something new. Supporters are encouraged to subscribe to the quarterly LTM eNews by sending a request to enquiries@ltm.org.au and you will be added to the list.

Visit: Lutheran Tract Mission

 LTM Tracts 19

Tract Stickers.

How many of us remember Sunday school days and getting little memory verse cards stuck into a book? The Sunday school teacher expected you to recite each one the following week, and if you did, you got a star.

It’s amazing how many people do remember those days and how it helped to memorise Bible verses. Sometimes we like to revisit these days for our children and grandchildren.

But over time, memory verse cards were no longer available and for several years LTM received regular requests to produce something to use in place of them.

In June 2019, Tract Mission launched two different sticker sheets. Each sheet contains 15 stickers with different Bible verses, and it is hoped that this is just the beginning. Keep your eyes open early next year for Easter sticker sheets!

With the different verses and pictures, LTM hope that people can find many uses for them: name cards at school, reward stickers, in birthday cards, sympathy cards, friendship presents, in notes to the elderly, back of envelopes, memory verse or use to look up a verse in the Bible.

LTM stickers 19Everyone knows:

Please let LTM know how you use them!

Anne Hansen is Tract Development Officer for Lutheran Tract Mission, an outreach ministry of the LLL. Tract mission have made the sticker sheets available and affordable at $1 per sheet of 15.

For more information or to place an order, visit: Lutheran Tract Mission.

Last financial year LTM received $74,705.23 from the Lutheran Tract Mission Fund (a subsidiary fund of the LLL Special Purposes Fund).


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