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Reconciliation Action Plan

by Marilyn Wall

Reconciliation is the good news of Jesus’ saving love that makes reconciliation everybody’s business, and our mission to share that gospel invites us to share this journey together.

Our Lutheran Church has a long history of connection with and development of ongoing deep relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across a number of communities. Hindsight, however, reveals there is still much to be done. By working inclusively with First Nations peoples in our church, and truly listening to and learning from each other, together we can grow as God’s people. Developing and implementing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a planning tool designed to encourage, support and strengthen such a relationship.

The RAP project grew from the Hearing the Indigenous Voice initiative funded through the 50:500 committee with an initial LLL grant of $75,000.

Following several years of research, conversation, and consultation with a range of stakeholders, including First Nations peoples, those who have worked in communities and others within the church, the RAP proposal was overwhelmingly supported by the Convention of the General Synod in 2018.

It has been a great blessing that during the past two years the development of the LCAs Reflect RAP has taken shape. In August 2020 the RAP received the full endorsement of both the Church and Reconciliation Australia.

Reconciliation is a gift in which everyone is invited to participate. You are encouraged to be a part of this journey as we step out, working together side-by-side, genuinely accepting one another in love as equals, sharing our faith.

A full and comprehensive journey of this first RAP including a copy of the RAP document can be found on the LCA RAP website LCA/RAP

Marilyn Wall is the RAP Project Officer within the Office of the Bishop. In 2018 the LLL Board provided a grant of $99,000 to assist with the development of the LCA Reconciliation Action Plan.

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