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Special Ministry Fund

In February 2020, the LCA’s Grow Ministries launched a “practical, accessible” and “refreshing” new resource which offers a new way of looking at confirmation called Grow Disciples – A guide for cultivating lifelong faith.

Grow Disciples has been developed over five years of research and testing and is designed to assist congregations, pastors, families and young people in their approach to and participation in confirmation ministry.

The guide’s focus is on learning and discipleship through intergenerational relationships, conversation and practical applications of faith.

Grow Ministries Director Jodi Brook said through Grow Disciples, congregations, leaders, families and young people would “experience a refreshing shift from providing a confirmation class to building community”.

“Grow Disciples is designed to assist congregations and pastors build authentic relationships and equip confirmation students for a life-long journey of faith. It takes us beyond curriculums and resources to the heart of faith formation”, Jodi said.

LCA Executive Officer – Local Mission Dr Tania Nelson said Grow Disciples showed an understanding of the needs of 21st century young people in New Zealand and Australia.

“Based on extensive research, both within the LCA and beyond, Grow Ministries has once again created a practical, accessible resource in Grow Disciples,” Tania said.

“A key principle of the resource is the appeal for a relational approach, which is authentic and invitational and positions the leader as a coach or facilitator as opposed to an expert that fills young heads with knowledge."

For more information and to purchase the guide and curriculum, visit the Grow Ministries website Grow Ministries

In June 2018, Grow Ministries received a $10,000 grant from the Special Ministry Fund to assist with the Grow Disciples project. Content for this article was obtained from the Guide to nurturing young disciples launched (LCA website 21 February 2020).

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