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40-years of communion set gifts


2019 marked 40 years since the LLL began providing a private communion set to final year pastoral students graduating from Australian Lutheran College (ALC) (formerly Luther Seminary) and being ordained into the Lutheran Church of Australia. This saves the graduating pastor the expense of purchasing his own set.

A private communion set provides our pastors with a valuable resource for when he needs to provide a parishioner isolated in a hospital, a care facility or in their own home with the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

The Luther Seminary graduating class of 1979 was the first group to receive this gift. When we spoke to 1979 graduate Pastor Mike Pietsch (pictured), about his communion set, he replied that he still had his and he had used it the previous week. It may be a bit knocked around, but he still uses it regularly. Pastor Mike estimates he has probably used it about once a fortnight throughout his 40 years of pastoral ministry. The LLL has always received thanks and positive feedback about how useful this gift has been in ministry to the ill and infirm. However, not all graduates take up the offer, as they’ve sometimes received one from another source.

In November 2019, the ALC graduating class received their private communion set gift at a function hosted by the LLL in the week leading up to their graduation.

If your Minister has graduated from Luther Seminary or ALC in the last 40 years, ask him if he still has the private communion set gifted from the LLL. We would be keen to hear any interesting stories about them and how they have been used. Email us at

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