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Cross Cultural Ministry

by Craig Heidenreich

Lutherans like to say we take the word of God seriously.

If you are reading this today I’m sure you would say with me: “Lord, what you tell me in scripture, matters to me”.

And when Jesus challenges me in the gospel: “Why do you call me “Lord, Lord” and do not do what I tell you?” I lean into Him and say “help me Lord!”

One of the conversations of late among our LCA/NZ family revolves around what is clearly stated in scripture - that it’s our Lord’s wish that the church [his bride] is a manifestation of different “tribes and tongues” coming together in loving relationship. This issue is growing in relevance as more and more people come from other countries to live among us, and now many of us (for the first time) have an opportunity to reach out to neighbours of different ethnic backgrounds.

Our Cross-Cultural team is feeding this conversation and supporting the wider church effort to “welcome the stranger”.

I don’t know about you, but my life is full of good intentions and the hardest thing sometimes can be to turn those intentions into actions.

I suppose it could be said that our task is to help you turn those good intentions into actions.

So often we fall short, but we join you in praying: “Help us Lord, and thrust out labourers into your harvest field!” Great things happen and joy flows when we get into step with Him.

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Craig Heidenreich is the Cross-Cultural Ministry Facilitator within the Local Mission Office, taking up the role in March 2019. Last year, the LLL Board provided a grant of $136,000 for LCA Cross Cultural Ministry.

Craig Heidenreich and Tania Nelson.Craig Heidenreich and Tania Nelson.

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