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Stables can be synonymous with religion; a symbol of warmth, love, new life and hope. With that in mind, the Excelsior Hall and Stables, now part of Martin Luther School in Adelaide, have been given a significant facelift thanks to the LLL.

Built in 1882, the complex originally consisted of an open stables area at ground level, with two school rooms above. Over the years it has served different purposes, including hosting youth events and amateur musical productions. The building is now used as a Sunday School, for musical performances, and, as COVID-19 regulations relax, we will again see 12-step program addiction recovery groups using the premises regularly.

Given the complex is close to 140 years old, it had been easy to see that the many years of use had not been kind to the facility and it was falling into disrepair. Pastor Fraser Pearce said; ”the congregation believed, as temporary custodians of this inherited asset, that they had the responsibility to keep it in good condition, so it could be handed on to future generations.”

As stewards of the property, the congregation committed to undertake some work to preserve our Lutheran history.

With support from an LLL loan, the congregation has been able to refurbish much of the building, including a new roof, and a restored ceiling and wooden floor. The outside stonework was also repaired, and many areas were brought up to building code standards.

The refurbished building was re-dedicated in early 2021 and as COVID-19 restrictions ease, is welcoming back the many groups that used the complex.

We are proud to see great practical examples of how the LLL helps finance the mission of many areas of the Lutheran Church. Without the support of our depositors, this would not be possible.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church Adelaide_2Bethlehem Lutheran Church Adelaide_3







Excelsior Hall and Stables at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Adelaide SA.

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