UPDATE! LLL has introduced a new security requirement for all LLL Internet Banking users. All users are now required to update their login password to a password with increased complexity.

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1 FacesofLLL







1. Leandre, Business Manager, on a facilities tour of Living Waters Lutheran College in Warnbro, WA, with Principal, Francois Pienaar, September.

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2. Gaynor, Operations Officer, manages LCA subscriptions. One of the benefits of her role is seeing The Lutheran magazine hot of the press each month, November.

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3. Terri, Operations Officer, and Heidi, Lutheran Tract Officer, both celebrate their very auspicious occasion’s by enjoying their 60th birthdays together, July.

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4. 5 staff members attended the SA Woman Breakfast, in April, talking about practical and valuable ways to ‘Up Your Mental Game’. L to R: Lori, Heather, Kate, Lyndal and Rhianan.

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5. Ross, CEO, delivered a message of growth, security, missional intent and gave thanks to our supporters for 100 years of trust at the General Convention of Synod in October.

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6. The LLL StroLLLers team, consisting of LLL staff members and friends, hit the walking paths of the picturesque Barossa area in South Australia. Completing the Australian World Service’s Walk My Way fundraising event, we are happy to report all members of the team made the full 26km distance, May.

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7. Andrew, Promotions Manager, speaks of the LLL’s sponsorship at the Blueprint Ministries fundraising dinner, May.

The LLL prides itself on providing savings accounts that are simple to operate, with a variable interest rate and no fees or charges. The LLL has a variety of savings accounts: personal and joint accounts; guardian accounts for children; and business accounts, including for self-managed super funds and not-for-profit organisations.

As an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI), the LLL is regulated under the Banking Act and by APRA.

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