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St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Glenelg, South Australia, recently benefited from an LLL loan that provided the funds to renew their 60-plus-year-old previous roof that was showing signs of ageing.

The roof had been repaired many times to fix leaks, but it had reached a stage where the rust was so bad that it had become impossible to repair.

St Paul's Lutheran Church New Roof

After engagement with and feedback from the LLL, St Paul’s applied for a new LLL loan to cover the cost and refinance the existing loan. The loan repayments ended up being lower than the previous amount (although the length of the loan was longer). St Paul’s was very happy with the result: lower annual loan repayments and a brand-new roof.

Onlookers viewing the delivery were amazed by the ‘incredible’ and clever truck driver who was able to carefully navigate the narrow and tricky driveway.

LLL is delighted to hear that the congregation has been enjoying their new roof and staying dry, especially during the recent celebration of their 90-year anniversary.

We wish St Paul’s every blessing as they continue to bear witness to others.

Images: a tight squeeze for the crane (main photo) during St Paul's roof restoration and St Paul's new roof

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