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All LLL Savings Accounts can have Internet Banking*.


Features of Internet Banking:

  • No fees or charges – at all.
  • View all your account balances and interest at a glance.
  • Transfer funds between LLL accounts and to other financial institutions.
  • Process BPAY® payments.
  • Regular/single future payment requests.
  • Update your address details.
  • One Time Password security protection.

Review ways you can assist in staying secure online and tips on Password security to enjoy safer and a more secure Internet Banking service.

Internet Banking is generally available for all new accounts, but if you are unsure you may call us on 1800 556 457 and we will check for you.

After signing in for the first time, you will need to select and memorise your own personal Password. You can also register for the free additional security option of the One Time Passwords token app and/or SMS.

For more information on Internet Banking, refer to our Terms and Conditions.


® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

*Formally known as LLL@Home.

One Time Passwords.

Internet Banking provides an additional security option which is used in conjunction with your Login ID and Access Code when logging in. You have the option of having a ‘One Time Password’ sent to your mobile phone in an SMS message, or having a security token app which self-generates a ‘One Time Password’.

These security options, together with your up-to-date internet security software, are an effective way to combat increasing fraud and identity theft. The LLL is pleased to offer these security options free of charge to our Internet Banking customers.

You can register yourself for one or both of these options in the desktop version of Internet Banking. Registering for both enables you to choose which method you would like to use as you log in each time to Internet Banking.

How do 'One Time Passwords' increase security?

'One Time Password' technology provides you with an added layer of security by generating a 'One Time Password' every time you log in. Consequently, if the computer you are using has been compromised by a virus, trojan or keylogger, a hacker's attempt to gather and use your login details would be unsuccessful, as they would also need the 'One Time Password' provided via SMS or the token app.