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How LLL account holders can access their Savings Accounts.


Internet Banking.

With Internet Banking, authorised users can access their LLL accounts online to conduct enquiries or complete transactions. 

Electronic Transfers.

The LLL’s BSB number for electronic transfers is 704942.

This BSB number can be used within Australia for electronic transfers that debit or credit your LLL account.

Along with our BSB, you will need to quote the LLL account number (e.g. 123456) and the account name (e.g. J Smith).

Faster payments with the New Payments Platform (NPP).

The NPP will allow you to make payments in near real time, with funds available to the recipient almost immediately instead of the usual 1-2-day wait time. Read more about the New Payments Platform (NPP).

Regular Electronic Transfers.

By setting up regular transfers with the LLL, you can save yourself the hassle of manually having to transfer funds between accounts regularly. All you need to do is nominate the amount, the frequency and which accounts the funds are coming from and going to.

Although the LLL does not charge any fees for this service, your bank may have charges.

Regular electronic transfers can be set up and managed online with Internet Banking.

To manually set up or alter a regular electronic transfer, complete the Direct Debit Request form and read the Service Agreement before signing and posting the form to us.

Lutheran Schools.

Deposits into LLL accounts can be made at most Lutheran schools in Australia. For more information contact your local Lutheran school office.

Deposit at Bank facility.

Deposits can be made into an LLL account anywhere in Australia. 

When depositing at a Westpac branch there is no fee. However, at other banks there may be a fee associated.

Request an ‘offline’ deposit and quote the LLL BSB 704942 along with the LLL account number you wish to deposit funds into (leave off the S1). You can also contact the LLL office for a nine-digit version of your account number, or locate the external account number in Internet Banking under ’Accounts’.

For regular depositors, LLL can supply a pre-printed deposit book. Contact the LLL for more information about this service.

LLL Office.

The LLL office is situated at 175 Archer Street, North Adelaide, South Australia. LLL account holders are able to visit in person for over the counter transactions (LLL Office Hours).

The office is closed on weekends and national and South Australian public holidays.


Cheque deposits, cheque withdrawals and account transfers can be made by mail.

An LLL deposit slip needs to be completed and accompany the deposit (with the LLL passbook if applicable) when sending by post. DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL.

Cheque withdrawals and account transfer details, entered onto an LLL withdrawal slip, can be posted (with the LLL passbook if applicable).